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“The Mix & Match concept has been an important part of POMPdeLUX’s design DNA since the very beginning. The idea is that the clothes can be combined across collections and won’t be out of fashion after just one season, but can live long and be used by more children.”

- Marianne Hoffmann Dyrbøl, Founder & CEO

With the Mix & Match principle we create a common thread through all our collections so you can easily put together outfits and the clothes can live as long as possible. For you, it means that you can be sure to always find some nice and useful children’s clothes styles when stomping through our Archive with styles from previous collections. There, you will find a lot of styles from earlier collections, and we are sure you will find hiddens gems - which you can get at lower prices.

To create coherence between the seasons you will rarely find very bright colours or wild prints in a POMPdeLUX collection but more dull tones. Often the colours will be repeated from one season to the next and will be found in plain as well as patterned styles to give you a lot of styling options.

Styles from the Archive category are easy to mix and match with the newest collection, as many colours and tones from previous seasons recur. Find inspiration on this page - and take a look in our Archive category, where you will find many cute styles at lower prices.

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