About The Online Shop


A secure connection (https) is used on our payment page. This ensures that your personal information is encrypted and cannot be captured by others. 


POMPdeLUX employs service partners who collect information regarding the use of POMPdeLUX.com. The data gathered is used for the following purposes: 

  • Technical functions that may store your preferences.
  • Measuring the traffic on our website in order to assess for example the number of visits.
  • Individually adapted advertising based on your activities, which enable us to show advertisements most relevant to you.
  • Advertising – so that we are able to determine how many times the same advertisement is presented as well as register how many people click on it.


Internet Explorer 8 & 9:
1.Select the Security menu in Internet Explorer, and then select “Delete Browsing History”.
2.Select the check box next to cookies.
3.Select the check box to keep data about favourite websites if you do not wish to delete the cookies that are linked to the sites on your Favourites list.
4.Select Delete.

How to delete cookies in Internet Explorer 10 or later:
1.Select the Functions button in Internet Explorer, click on Safety, and then select "Delete Browsing History.
2.Select the Cookies and website data check box, and then select Delete.

Select “Tools” and then “Options”. Click the “Privacy” tab to bring up your user privacy options. Select the desired range. Click “clear now/delete”.

Safari (Apple):
Select “Preferences” from the Safari menu. Under the “Security” tab select “Show cookies”. You can now remove desired cookies.

Google Chrome:
Click the “Wrench” icon in the right hand corner. Select “Options” and then “Under the hood” and click on “Content settings”. You can now remove desired cookies.


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