Product information

At POMPdeLUX we always want to produce clothes of the very best quality. Our collections are designed from scratch and everything is produced with care and high quality – which most often exceeds the European standards.

We design everything from buttons to prints. Every little detail is thought out to ensure the fit of our styles is as comfortable as possible, it looks just right, and the clothing is suitable for the various age groups, their needs and abilities.

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You can read more about the different concepts and certificates and their meanings below.

GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard, also known as GOTS, is a global labeling for ecological textiles, which covers everything from obtaining raw materials to environmentally and socially responsible production and to the finished product. GOTS certification’s Organic guarantees that the clothes are made of at least 95% organic materials and that the whole production is carried out in an environmentally and socially responsible manner -including the coloring process. There have thus been no health or environment straining chemicals in the production of the organic textiles. 

OEKO-TEX 100: OEKO-TEX labeling is a guarantee that the textiles do not contain harmful substances and chemicals.

Within the OEKO-TEX 100 certification there are 4 product classes, of which POMPdeLUX only uses the best classification in their products – product class 1.

That is a group that sets the highest requirements for products as it is approved for baby clothes. OEKO-TEX 100 certification ensures that the production is free from 100 different harmful substances according to the agreement. OEKO-TEX 100 certification sets stricter requirements than what EU legislation requires.

Manufacturers who have OEKO-TEX certification are being monitored by the OEKO-TEX Association’s independent testing institutes specialized in textiles. At POMPdeLUX, all our manufacturers are required to follow OEKO-TEX 100 standards even if a product is not labeled with OEKO-TEX 100.

We aim for all of our products to live up to the same restrictions as OEKO-TEX 100, even if they aren’t certified. As a minimum, our products comply with European legislation REACH.

100% Merino wool: Merino wool has some good, natural qualities. Merino wool is dirt repellent and can keep your child warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. 

UV60: Our swimwear is produced with UPF 60 UV protection. UV clothes protect better from the sun compared to regular clothing because the fabric is especially designed to hinder the sun’s harmful UV rays in different ways. In general, it is recommended to choose UV clothing with at least UPF 60.
Always remember to cover your child’s exposed skin with sunscreen. The clothing provides extra protection, but is not sufficient protection in itself.
Water repellent: Our outerwear is produced in a water repellent quality with a flour-free impregnated surface. Water Repellent is an expression of the fact that the actual fabric is waterproof and that water runs off from it, but the product isn’t 100% waterproof unless it has taped seams.
Waterpressure up to 10.000 mm: Our skiing clothes as well as shell and softshell series are produced in a waterproof quality with water column pressure of 10.000 mm. Water column pressure is an expression of the material’s ability to withstand water penetration form the outside. Thus, water column pressure of 10.000 mm means that the given material per square centimeter is able to withstand a 10-meter-high water column without water penetration. 
Bionic Finish Eco: All our outerwear in the Adventure series have Bionic Finish Eco. Bionic Finish Eco is a biodegradable surface treatment that ensures your product gets a surface that is water and dirt repellent, windproof and still breathable. This surface finish is completely free from fluoride substances. 

Breathability: Our outerwear is manufactured in materials that are able to transport moisture away from the body – therefore it is breathable. The breathability of a fabric is measured in MVP (Moisture Vapor Perspiration) and it tells you how much moisture can evaporate through the fabric per square meter per 24 hours. The higher the number is, the more comfortable the material is. At POMPdeLUX we use 5000 MVP.   

Mulesing free:The sheep that our wool comes from don’t undergo mulesing. Mulesing is a procedure in which strips of the sheep’s wool-bearing skin are removed around the breech. This is usually performed without anesthesia, which makes it very painful for the sheep.

You can read more here here.

No Animal FillingOur outerwear is made of a synthetic down-like material of the highest quality. No Animal Filling is an expression of an ethically better alternative to down, and that is something we at POMPdeLUX want to fully support.

Faux fur: Faux fur, also know as fake fur or imitation fur, is made of synthetic fibers that don’t come from animal. Faux fur is an ethically better alternative for genuine fur, and that is something we at POMPdeLUX want to fully support. Therefore, our products have 100% fake fur.

Reversible: Reversible products are designed to be used on both sides, so the clothes don’t have a defined reverse side. By turning the product inside out, you’ll have a new look.

Reversible sequins: Some products have sequins that change color when you sweep them with your hand. Reversible sequins are typically incorporated into a print to create more expressions and to make it more fun for a child to wear.

EcoVero Viscose: EcoVero is a sustainable alternative to viscose, where the fibres are produced from pulp that comes from sustainable sources. EcoVero uses only certified wood from certified forests. Compared to the production of generic viscose, EcoVero is a much more environmentally friendly alternative as it generates up to 50 % less emissions and uses less water. Read more about EcoVero here
Recycled polyester, made from recycled plastic bottles: Together with REPREVE, POMPdeLUX’ aim is to create more sustainable clothing. REPREVE is world leading in recycled fibres. Used plastic bottles are cleaned, cut into small pieces, then melted and spun into recycled polyester. Read more about REPREVE’s work here.
Recycled nylon: Recycled Nylon is an environmentally friendly material made from fishing nets and nylon waste from the industry. Nylon preserves its nice qualities during the recycling process, and recycled nylon is therefore both durable and long-lasting, just like “new” nylon. Recycled nylon is good for the environment as it reduces the amount of plastic in the oceans, while ensuring nice and durable clothing for your child.
Sustainable cotton: Sustainable cotton comes from a more sustainable and environmentally friendly cotton production that requires less water and fewer pesticides at the cotton farms, which results in more sustainable clothing.