Care instructions

Take good care of your new clothes

Your clothes wear a little bit every time you wash them. Here are some tips and advice to make your POMPdeLUX clothes last longer. 
Be aware that some products may require special care – this will appear on the product's removable tag.


  • Sort your clothes by colour and fabric.
  • Empty pockets, zip up and button up.
  • Clothes with prints or special textures that need protection should be turned inside out before washing. 


Can be used to:
  • Protect clothes with embroidery, gold and silver print.
  • Prevent thread from tangling.
  • Protect garments which are fragile when wet e.g. viscose.


It is important that you use the correct detergent.
  • Cotton: Use correct detergent with enzymes suitable for coloured or white clothing.
  • Viscose and linen: Use detergent without enzymes.
  • Wool, mohair, silk, down and feathers: Use wool detergent.
You can benefit from using liquid detergent – in our experience this causes less wear and tear than washing powder does. 
Unless the clothes are white, use washing liquid suitable for coloured clothing that does not contain bleach.
Avoiding fabric softener means you can preserve the colours as much as possible and spare the environment at the same time.
Follow the dosage instructions on the detergent.


Normal Wash

Do not overfill the washing machine. You must be able to turn your hand above the clothes in the drum. 


High water setting and low spin. Only half load the drum. A laundry mesh bag can be used.


Wool or hand wash programme. Only half load the drum or less. A laundry mesh bag can be used.


Dissolve detergent completely before adding garment. Gently wash the garment, but do not rub or wring. Rinse with fresh water. Give the garment a low spin or dry it by rolling it in a towel. Avoid wringing and soaking! 


Air drying is the most gentle way to dry clothes except for down/feathers, which must be tumble dried so that they do not go mouldy. Shake the garment before hanging it up. Do not wring (especially not viscose). Do not dry silk in direct sun light. Knitted garments should lay flat to dry.

Tumble drying wears out the clothes and makes it shrink – therefore we generally advise against tumble drying. Certain cotton garments can be tumble dried but this does name for a reduction in life span. It is important that outerwear with down and feathers are tumble dried at low heat with two tennis balls. It helps fluff the down and keeps the down from clumping and getting mouldy. Viscose, silk and wool should never be tumble dried. 


 High setting (up to 200°C)

 Medium setting (up to 150°C)

 Low setting (up to 110°C)

 Do not iron