Before reading on, you have to quickly learn how to pronounce the Danish word "hygge" - it’s an important part of understanding what "Hygge with POMPdeLUX" actually is.

"Hygge" is pronounced "hoo-guh". Got it?

"Hygge" is Danish for happiness, warmth and good times with family and friends, and "Hygge with POMPdeLUX" is our idea of ​​happy moments.

For us "hygge" means quality time with family. We love to cook, be creative and do other activities with our kids - and all this should be easy, yummy and straightforward.

We want to share all of our little ideas, tips and tricks with you through "Hygge with POMPdeLUX".

So every time you see "Hygge with POMPdeLUX", go into hygge-mode and get ready for quality time.