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Snowsuits, shell jackets and thermo wear are big and important purchases for your child and should of course last for a long time. We have done our best to design and manufacture the best and most durable outerwear, but you can also do a lot to keep it neat and functional for many years.

POMPdeLUX Adventure outerwear is intended for outdoor use and your child's outerwear might look dirty on the outside but still be clean on the inside. Therefore, wash the outerwear only if it is really necessary, as washing wears a lot on the surface of the product and can reduce the water-repellent effect.

Instead of putting it in the washing machine every time it gets a little dirty, we recommend wiping off small stains and loose dirt with a damp cloth. However, now and then it will be necessary to wash your child's outerwear in the washing machine, so we will give you our best advice on what to do before, during and after machine washing.


  • Before putting the outerwear in the washing machine, it is important to empty the pockets for your child's little treasures, as pebbles, sticks and other things can damage the clothes and the washing machine.
  • If the clothes have a faux fur on the hood, it should be removed before washing. If it needs to be freshened up a bit, give it a quick blow-dry at low heat - and it will look as good as new.
  • Remember to close pockets, zip all zips, and close buttons as well as velcro openings. Zips, velcro and buttons wear less this way.
  • We recommend washing outerwear separately or with other outerwear items or accessories like mittens in similar colours. Be careful not to overload the machine, as there is too much wear on the clothes in a stuffed washing machine.


  • We generally advise you to wash at low temperatures and a low-speed spin cycle, preferably around 800 revolutions per minute (rpm). Furthermore, it is a good idea to choose a short programme to avoid too much wear and tear.
  • Our snowsuits and ski wear should be washed at maximum 30º to protect the insulating filling. Our thermo and shell wear can be washed at up to 40º, but 30º is often enough to clean it, as most detergent is effective at 30º.
  • When you wash your outerwear in the washing machine, you should avoid using fabric softener, as it can reduce the water repellent effect of the fabric - and you protect the environment.
  • Also, we recommend not to overdose the laundry detergent and use a liquid detergent, as it wears less than powder.

made to last

We have done our best to design and manufacture the best and most durable outerwear, but you can also do a lot to keep it neat and functional for many years.


  • As soon as the washing programme is over, you should take out the outerwear as quickly as possible and shake it to minimize creases.
  • Avoid wringing the outerwear to protect the taped seams and the coating on the fabric, that preserves the waterproofness of the product.
  • Hang the outerwear to dry in a warm and dry place or outside in the fresh air, but avoid air-drying it in direct sunlight, as the sun can bleach and perish the clothes.



  • We recommend tumble drying our snowsuits and ski wear to ensure the insulating filling stays fluffy, and the product keeps its shape.
  • Shell wear can also be tumble-dried, but it doesn't have to.
  • When you tumble dry either ski wear or shell wear it should be at low heat, which means 60° or less. Otherwise, it may wear too much on the taped seams that keep the stitching waterproof.
  • Thermo wear should not be tumble-dried but air-dried.
  • Jackets with fake down filling should also be tumble dried with two tennis balls to preserve the air in the filling.
  • Outerwear can also be dried in a warming cabinet, but only at low heat (60°) to protect the taped seams.


  • When the water-repellent effect is reduced, especially in exposed areas like knee and seat, you should reproof it. Use a flour-free waterproofing spray developed for technical outerwear.
  • Finally, it's also a good idea to write your child's name in all their outerwear. In our Adventure clothes you will always find a big name label, often in the neck area or in the back of the trousers, with enough space for writing your child's name and a phone number, should they be so unlucky as to lose something.

POMPdeLUX Adventure is designed for nature, the playground and the ski slopes. It's made for playing and getting dirty, but the better you take care of it, the longer it lasts, too.

Repairing small tears

Our ski wear is made from an extremely durable material, but in the unlikely event of a tear, a patch made from the same waterproof material is included. This patch can easily be applied to the garment to cover any holes.