First, it's important that you research and decide which specific needs the snowsuit should meet. Next, it's important that your child's snowsuit can stand the unstable and cold weather of the winter months. And even more important, that it's suitable for all kinds of rain and snowfall, so your child stays warm and dry. In this guide, we will go through some points that you should focus on in your search for a new snowsuit.


The winter can be long, and children grow up fast. Therefore, we recommend that you keep in mind that the snowsuit should fit your child for at least half a year. Your child needs room to wear multiple layers or thick clothing underneath. But be careful not to buy a snowsuit that is too large, either. An oversized snowsuit can be heavy and limit your child's mobility. If the snowsuit is too long, the child will step on it, and the fabric will quickly be ruined.
You can ensure that your child has the right amount of room in the snowsuit by letting the child try it on and stand with the legs slightly apart. If your child has enough room in the snowsuit, you should be able to grab a handful of fabric under the bottom. This way, you make sure that your child has room to bend over and sit down in the snowsuit.

Washing outerwear

Snowsuits, shell jackets and thermo wear are big and important purchases for your child and should of course last for a long time.

You can also read our washing guide on how to best take care of your child's outerwear.


To ensure that your child stays dry in a snowsuit, you should, among other things, opt for a high water column pressure and taped seams. In the case of outerwear, a water column pressure of about 4.000 mm is normal and sufficient to keep the water at a distance. POMPdeLUX' Adventure series is produced in a waterproof quality with a water column pressure of 10.000 mm, which means that your child is very well protected and that the given material can withstand a 10-meter-high water column without water penetrating. To prevent water saturating the seams, they are also taped.


Wearing a snowsuit can quickly be very warm for your child if he or she likes being active. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a snowsuit with high breathability to ensure that the heat can escape.

Breathability is measured in MVP and indicates how much moisture can evaporate through the fabric per m2 per 24 hours. A good rule of thumb is to go for a breathability of at least 3.000 MVP. The higher the number, the higher the comfort and breathability of the material. POMPdeLUX snowsuits have a breathability of 8.000 MVP.
It is difficult to say exactly what temperatures a snowsuit can withstand, as it depends a lot on your child's body heat and level of activity, and whether the weather is humid or dry. With a high breathability you ensure that moisture can evaporate, so your child stays dry and warm.

Snow guard

If the snowsuit is to be extra suited for rain and snow, it is also recommended choosing a snowsuit with snow guards. The snow guard is seen at the sleeves and/or legs and looks like an extra, smaller sleeve or leg inside the suit, which ensures that your child does not get snow and water directly on the legs and arms. The snow guard insulates and keeps your child warm and dry.
At POMPdeLUX, our snowsuits for big boy and girl have snow guards in legs and sleeves. The snowsuits for little boy and girl don't have snow guards, as it can be annoying and impractical for the little ones. Instead, they have a foot wedge with a zip and an elastic finish with rubber grip that will fit tightly to the boots. In the sleeve they don't have snow guards either, as it can easily get wet by the small hands, and the lining might get soggy. Instead, the suits have an elastic cuff that is easy to pull over ski mittens, so both hands and arms are protected from water and cold.



Children play, and children get dirty, and their snowsuits must be able to withstand that. Therefore, make sure that the snowsuit you choose for your child fits their needs and level of activity. You can look for the number called 'abrasion resistance', which is stated as the number of 'rubs' that the material can withstand. Our snowsuits have been tested to withstand over 100.000 rubs. In addition, a durable snowsuit will last longer and can be used by more children when the first one grows out of it.


When your child is in traffic or is running around playing, it is important that the snowsuit is as safe as possible. The winter months are both long and dark. Therefore, make sure that their snowsuit has reflectors, so the child is visible from all sides.

For the safety of your child, it is also recommended choosing a snowsuit with a detachable hood with press-studs that will be pulled off if the child should get stuck. This is also practical, as the hood can be annoying for the child during play.

We hope you found this guide useful and will find just the right snowsuit for your child. If you need more guidance or want to feel the quality before making a decision, you can contact one of our consultants who can guide you or show you our selection of nice and warm snowsuits.

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