a beautiful flowerbed

Designers are always ahead of time – they’re a season or two ahead of everyone else.
So, Ella was designed in early spring of 2020. When we start designing a new collection,
we start with a mood, feelings – then move on to silhouettes, prints and trends.
The Ella-print sums up a lot of this for the girl’s collection in this season.
We pictured girls walking barefoot on a beautiful flowerbed and daydreaming of summer and freedom and holidays.

The daisy

We pressed the little beautiful daisies – and then we started drawing, and one little hand drawn flower
became a flower bed of daisies. Every POMPdeLUX print is unique and drawn by hand, by our talented designers
– just like the Ella-print. When we draw it’s always with a distinct childlike stroke and naivety – so it always has a POMPdeLUX look.


Inspiration can come from anything. The inspiration to Ella came from a simple bouquet of daisy flowers. Daisies represent innocence and new beginnings, something we’re all longing for this spring.

a Spring/Summer 21 wardrobe

But the story of Ella, is also the story of the Spring/Summer 21 collection – the daisy flower
is incorporated throughout the collection. The different colour versions of the Ella-print represents
all the colours this season and can therefore be mixed and matched easily throughout the collection
– making the Ella print a wonderful place to start of a Spring/Summer 21 wardrobe.


Ella is a beautiful series for both girls and little girls, with a wonderful hand drawn all over flowerbed print. What you can’t see, when looking at Ella, is all the work that goes into designing a collection; every piece of the collection is carefully designed to fit the DNA of the brand, the season and the newest trends.