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POMPdeLUX' general goal is to create everyday luxury for children by producing clothes that are, firstly, comfortable to wear and can be used for play and movement all day. But also clothes that add a little sparkle and sunshine to everyday life - at POMPdeLUX it's more than okay to wear a tulle skirt and knit sweater to school.

Autumn/Winter21 is designed for HOME, SCHOOL, PLAY and everything in between.


One of our key concepts for this collection is called HOME-SCHOOL-PLAY. We have aimed at creating clothes that can be used in more than one way - at home, at school as well as to the playground but also across seasons and collections.
A soft sweat suit that can be worn for lounging at home, but also for school by adding a teddy vest and a cool pair of shoes, or with a shell jacket and rubber boots when going to the playground. A printed jersey dress that you can easily play in, but which can also be used for a festive occasion with a trendy collar, a headband and a pair of nice shoes.

It should be easy to get through everyday events and activities without compromising on the child's comfort and mobility.


We have an eye for cute, funny and nice details, as it shouldn't be boring to dress comfortably and practically. The silhouettes are roomy and relaxed, even on the nicer dresses and shirts. As always, the collection is based on the Mix & Match concept that is the core of POMPdeLUX. Your favourite styles can not only be mixed and matched with the remaining Autumn/Winter21 collection, though, but just as easily with the previous and future collections.
We wish to create long-lasting clothing, that has more than one purpose, whether it's for playing outside or lounging at home. Autumn/Winter21 is designed for HOME, SCHOOL, PLAY and everything in between.