And what happens on a beach in a childs imagination? In our minds it’s about swim time,
surf time, turtles, palm trees and fish shoals – and maybe even a shark. That’s how all those little print stories
on our Jacob tee came to live. They were sketched in hand, totally analogue and oldschool, as are a lot of our prints.
The turtle and shark continue on other prints throughout the collection, together with statements like ‘I love my planet’
and ‘Keep my oceans blue’, stressing the importance of looking out for our planet.
The colours are also inspired with summer and beach days in mind; yellow dust, stone blue and dusty mint
– tones that you’ll all see throughout the collection in both solids and prints.

Designed for children

Psst.. You probably know that we use children names for our styles.
Jacob is for example designed for boys. But did you know that the styles we design
without a gender specific purpose have city names? We design clothes with children in mind,
clothes that can last more than one season – and therefore we love our gender-neutral pieces.
They’re easy to pass down to younger siblings, no matter the gender. And if you have a girl
that loves Jacob – it would fit her perfectly to, that’s totally up to you.


We long for holidays, freedom and children playing in the sand. That’s the inspiration for our boys prints this season.

Materials and certifications

It matters what materials a style is produced in and also how the materials are combined.
When you for example add a little polyester to cotton you get more movement and comfort,
and it also gets more durable and the colour will last longer. That is why Jacob is produced
in 97% organic cotton and 3% polyester. Jacob is also OEKO-TEX certified, which is
a well-known standard for harmful substance testing and your guarantee that the textiles
in the clothes doesn't contain harmful substances and chemicals.


Jacob is crafted in soft organic cotton – just as many the other tees, dresses and pants in the collection.