The elegant lines

For our designs for girls, we have introduced a new, beautiful monogram. Looking carefully, you’ll find the asymmetrical POMPdeLUX heart, surrounded by four soft P’s that is finished by two little hearts.

The heart has always been a hallmark for us, and with its soft, hand-drawn look, the monogram beautifully represents POMPdeLUX DNA: The POMPous and the LUXurious.

The monogram can be found in a smaller version as an all-over print and as a bold statement in the center of a sweatshirt. One of the elements, the elegant "P," also appears as a detail on a shirt.

Cool and playful

The boys' functional and cool styles are emphasized by the PDL monogram, which with its angular look fits perfectly as a small print on pants or sweaters.

As a pattern, it creates a nice contrast to solid-coloured styles, as can be seen, for example, in our Adventure outerwear collection, where the monogram is featured in the lining. On other styles, the monogram has been added as a detail with terry cloth or rubber prints.