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The concept is built on a vision to produce high-quality favourite clothing for children (and parents) in Scandinavian design at affordable prices. "When I started POMPdeLUX, I had two small children myself, and I missed a place with quality children's clothing in stylish design. A brand that could withstand everyday wear and perhaps even be passed down from my oldest to my youngest," Marianne says.

"I wanted to create a place with a focus on design, colours, and quality that both my children and I would love - at a fair price." Trends, materials, and technical possibilities have evolved a lot since 2006, but the concept and vision remain unchanged.


The Scandinavian design, the beautiful muted colours, and high quality are still the cornerstones of all POMPdeLUX collections.

Take a sneak peek at the Spring/Summer 2024 collection

"The idea from the start was to create lovely designs in beautiful colours. It was important to me that just because it was 'cheaper,' the colours and the quality didn't have to be poor. And that's still my mission. When our customers get the clothes in their hands through a sales consultant or when it arrives at their homes, they should be pleasantly surprised," Marianne says.

High quality is crucial for the longevity of the products - POMPdeLUX children's clothing should be able to be used for several seasons and by multiple children.