Home Shopping 'How to'

  • Set the date

    Start by booking an event by finding an available timeslot in the booking calendar or by contacting a Brand Ambassador and agree on a time and place. Maybe you and your customers have any special wishes or needs - the ambassador will contact you to plan the event to make it perfect for you and your children.

  • Invitations

    Invite your friends – maybe you even make a Facebook event and invite the ambassador so she can communicate with your guests.

  • The event

    Your ambassador arrives app. 40 minutes before the event starts to set up the collection and get ready for you and your guests. All you have to do is be there – maybe prepare for coffee and cake, it’s up to you.
    Perhaps, the ambassador will show a selection of the collection and give some inspiration for Mix & Match ideas - or just mingle around and help you and your guests with your individual requests.

  • After the event

    Your ambassador will make sure that everyone gets their orders through – and lastly, she will help you, so you get 5% of the events turnover off your order. Afterwards, your orders will be sent individually to you from our warehouse.

When you're shopping children's wear by a POMPdeLUX brand ambassador, you don't just get to see and feel the clothes before buying - you also get personal and tailored guidance on choosing just the right things for your children.