At the beginning she was helped a little along the way by the former consultant in the area who sent her customers on to Carina when she stopped. In addition, Carina had sales experience, and she is not afraid to 'push' her customers a little. She explains her strategy like this: "If someone compliments the dress my daughter is wearing, I'm very direct and open and say: 'yes, you can order that from me' and give them a flyer. In German, we say: 'Frechheit siegt' (Naughtiness wins) and that is how you get new customers", Carina tells with a laugh.

Carina already knew about POMPdeLUX as she was shopping for her daughter from the former consultant. When she wanted to stop, Carina thought: "If I don't do it, someone else will, and I don't want that".

Her very first Home Shopping event was also with the former consultant and her friends, and Carina really felt the fear of failure: "I was so excited and thought: she knows everything so well and can explain things much better than I can. I was so surprised how pleasant and positive the whole evening turned out." In retrospect she had no reason to be nervous, but she also notes that the job is easier and more fun now that she knows the items and the customers much better. For your first event Carina suggests that you invite a small group of friends and acquaintances in order to have a relaxed start and be less afraid of making mistakes.

"It's so much fun, it does not really feel like working", Carina says who just joined the team as a consultant but already built a big network of customers. Get to know the passionated Austrian consultant and get a few tips on starting out as a consultant.

Carina believes that her recipe for success is to get to know the customers personally so that you dare to suggest new products or combinations for them. That is something that you will learn over time. "I know the customers so well now that I can guide them differently, because I know exactly where their focus is, what their taste is like", she says. Her advice for new consultants is not to be too patient or reluctant, but to actually dare to address the customers yourself and advertise for yourself.

Carina recommends, for example, that in the beginning you talk about POMPdeLUX and Home Shopping in the local sports club and in your children's school in order to win new local customers.

To advertise a product is also much easier when you, as Carina says, are excited about the product and know it well: "It's easy for me to sell POMPdeLUX because it's a product I really love and believe in. I don't want to sell life insurances because I am not passionate about it, but as long as you are convinced of something and have the passion for it, then you can always sell a product".

What makes the consultant job very special is the close contact with the customers. You often get to know them very well, when they come back every season, and the job continues to develop in interaction with the customers. Carina guides the customers but also gets new inspiration from them: "What fascinates me is that you can have 10 events and then at the 11th event a woman comes along and combines two things, and you think: 'okay, wow, that looks great!' Yes, that's always very cool".

The beginning as a consultant is challenging and exciting, but courage and passion is a good start. Carina has only just started as a consultant and will continue to develop. If you find it interesting to challenge yourself as a consultant, we are always looking for new colleagues for Carina and the other consultants.