“I’m extremely social and that makes this job perfect for me. I love meeting my customers and sharing my passion for quality children’s clothes,” says Emelie and explains why she started as a consultant: “I live in a small town, where there's a limited selection of children’s clothes - just two stores – and I thought that there was room for POMPdeLUX in my area which proved to be right.”

The first Home Shopping event Emelie did in her first season was hosted by a friend of hers. It took away the beginner nerves but nerves have never really been an issue for her.

“I rarely get nervous because I’m so confident about the clothes, the quality, and the design. I can honestly say that I have never had to ‘push’ a sale – my customers love the POMPdeLUX clothes as much as I do,” says Emelie.

Emelie has a background as a salesperson, but now studies to become a teacher – but her inner salesperson keeps thriving in the role as a POMPdeLUX consultant. She also has two children, age 3 and 7, and a husband – so she’s a busy woman. She lives in Köping, a small town that's a few hours outside of Stockholm. She is one of our 38 consultants in Sweden.

In her first season, she was booked for an event in the neighboring city at the end of the Home Shopping season, where Emelie was a little worn out from a long intro season – she even thought about cancelling the event, but fortunately she didn’t:

“It was a hostess I didn’t know; she just booked the event via the website. It was my first season and I had learned a lot but I was also getting a bit tired. And I did consider cancelling, but then agreed with myself that wasn’t my style. I drove to Örebro, where my hostess lived and drove up to a wonderful home where a large group of women were waiting for me – and they took me a little by surprise. It turned out to be an amazing event, an event that I will never forget.

The customers already knew the brand really well and actually taught me some things,” says Emelie and continues, “I’m very happy that I went to that event that day, because the hostess is now one of my ‘regulars’. She hosts an event every season with all of her wonderful friends.”

Networking is a vital part of being a POMPdeLUX consultant whether you’re a new or experienced. When you’re a new consultant one of the most important things is to build up a network of hostesses and customers. When going to an event Emelie has a mindset that she is happy even if she only sells a bucket hat. It might seem like nothing but you never know what a bucket hat can lead to.

“What I love the most about the job is when my customers come back to me and are happy about the clothes, they ordered through me. I love it when I get to share pictures of my customers – because that’s exactly what makes me happiest in my role as a POMPdeLUX consultant; their excitement.”

On Emelie’s Instagram profile @pompdelux_koping you can find all of her customer photos in her highlights. She also shares pictures of her own children in POMPdeLUX clothes and gives an insight into her life as a POMPdeLUX consultant.