Karina has been a Home Shopping consultant for POMPdeLUX since 2008 and still gets excited when a new season of Home Shopping begins. The same adrenaline kick she felt when she started no less than 27 seasons ago, still hits her when she goes out to an event. Through the years, the beginner nerves have settled and been replaced with a familiarity and routine that makes the role as a consultant easy and comfortable for her.

Her way into the POMPdeLUX family, is quite similar to a lot of other consultants. She was a Home Shopping customer and loved the clothes, the quality and the Home Shopping concept. And when her local consultant in Ølstykke, Denmark stopped, Karina thought, that she could do that; take over the area – and so she did. When she started there where 68 consultants, all in Denmark. Now she is one of 313 consultants in Denmark and 7 other countries.

Since 2008 she has created a customer base that comes back season after season to buy POMPdeLUX clothes – but also for the Home Shopping part and not to forget, for Karina. Because it comes down to people for Karina and that is her drive.

By now POMPdeLUX has become part of Karina, and even part of her family. The idea of not spending 8 weeks, two times a year as a POMPdeLUX consultant seems foreign to her:

“I never thought that I would still be doing it after so many years - and I have thought about how it would feel not being part of the POMPdeLUX family anymore, but I can’t really imagine it. All the time I’ve spent building up my own little business and the people I’ve met, both in POMPdeLUX but also my customers, I would miss it,” says Karina and continues “I’m a salesperson at heart, and I get a kick out of reading my customers, guiding them and of course being able to sell.”

Karina’s family is still a big part of her work as a POMPdeLUX consultant, though her children no longer fit the collections, and without their help and support, it wouldn’t be the same.

“My youngest was only one year old when I started, and now they don’t even fit the clothes anymore. But now they help me unpack the collection in the beginning of the season and supports me during the first weeks of the season, where everything is really, really busy.”

So, what makes her love the job, 27 seasons in?
“It might seem cliché, but I simply love the clothes – and I love going out there and meeting my customers, both new and old ones. I’m a ‘people person’, and it gives me energy to go out and help my customers and see how excited they are with the clothes, just like I am. It’s an adrenaline kick – and that’s what makes me love the job,” says Karina, “And seeing my customers come back season after season, makes me think that I’m doing a good job.”

And the past seasons have been no different, the customers keep coming back even though there have been challenges with social distancing. Karina has embraced the new challenges together with her customers, and made it work with smaller groups and online showings.

“I prefer meeting my customers face to face, but the online part has worked as well. And for some it might become the new way to do it – for some it’s easier to just sit at home and get the same guidance and Home Shopping benefits as always, just online.”

If you live near Karina, you may have already shopped through her, otherwise you can follow her on both Instagram and Facebook.