With three kids and a busy life, the job as a consultant fits Mirjam perfectly, who lives in the little village Hausen in the Canton of Aargau of northern Switzerland. She values the independence she has as a consultant and the fact that she can schedule the work to fit her daily schedule. She says: “I can work from home and do an ‘Open House’ but I also have the option to bring the collection with me and do events in other places, where I can get to know new and exciting people. It always brings me great joy to see the customers’ excitement.”

She heard about POMPdeLUX and the job from a good friend, when she – just like other parents – had trouble finding the right clothes for her children in the local shops.

Even after being a consultant for eight seasons, she still gets excited every time she unpacks a new collection. She can’t wait to show it to her loyal customers in the local area and see the joy in their eyes when they feel the soft materials and get new ideas on how to put together outfits for their children. Mirjam particularly likes when she can inspire and convince new customers who did not know POMPdeLUX prior to an event and afterwards comes back for the next season.

Two times eight weeks a year, she can concentrate on being a consultant, which is her only job at the moment, and for the rest of the year she can focus on her children and family: “I love being at home and taking care of my children and that is why the POMPdeLUX job is so great for me, because I can still have a working life”.

For Mirjam, the best thing about the job is the personal relationship with the other consultants and the customers, who also appreciate the contact with her even more during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mirjam’s customers know that they can shop with her in a safe way and get the right guidance to find just the right outfit for their children. “I have customers who tell me how happy they are to come to me and shop – they don’t want to go in stores and malls with a lot of people. And of course, I take the time to help them”, Mirjam says.

Due to Coronavirus, Mirjam also experimented with online events, where she shows the products to the customers by video chat, but she prefers to meet them face to face: “When I come home from a successful event, I feel tired but also very delighted and happy. When the baskets are full you of course earn well, but the community with the other mamas is so lovely – and then you come home satisfied”.

Her best advice for a new consultant is to be patient and not give up, but to try it out for a couple of seasons, as the customers have to get to know you as a consultant at first. Many parents in Switzerland still don’t know POMPdeLUX and have to be introduced to it and convinced why they should choose that label over others. Mirjam is so excited for the clothes herself and loves to see her own and other’s children dressed nicely and comfortably in POMPdeLUX, and she hopes that her enthusiasm for the brand and for guiding her customers shines through.

When asked why she would recommend someone to apply as a consultant she says: “It is a great hobby, you earn a little extra, you get some change to everyday life, you come out and get to know new people. It’s simply great fun!”