15 years ago, we founded POMPdeLUX, when my own two girls were little. I have had different roles over time, but today I work, among other things, with designs and purchase, and I'm also involved in photo shoots and creating the overall look of the collections.

What is your favourite from the new
collection and why?

I love linen for summer - it gives a really nice and exclusive look. While it may be known for being a difficult material, I think it's super nice for kids because it's actually okay for it to be wrinkled. Linen is a natural material that is light and breathable in the summer and comfortable for children to wear.

Some of my favourites are the Laureen programme for the girls with trousers, shorts and skirts made of linen. I especially like the skirt with buttons and ruffles. It's super versatile and can be used both for every day with a T-shirt and for a party with a nice blouse with a collar.

Linen is also really nice to use with other materials with a little structure, and the skirt could for example be combined with the Becky Top or Blouse.

Ann, Content Creator

Among other things, I write our texts and plan all the exciting content we will be showing you on our social media, in the catalogue, in newsletters, on POMP LIVE and much more.

What is your favourite from the new
collection and why?

I look so much forward to seeing my two boys aged 3 and 4 running around at the beach in the wonderful Josh Terry two-piece set. It has this very special and cool terry structure, which I love. It’s not something you can find everywhere, and I don’t remember we had it in previous collections, so it’s nice to see some new, exciting materials.

Furthermore, I really like dressing my boys in sets. It’s super easy and simply looks cool when they match. I would also combine the terry T-shirt with jeans or joggers in the spring. It isn’t just an ordinary, plain T-shirt, so it’s great to pair with something more simple.

Tanja, Design assistant

I am part of the design team where we develop the designs and prints that we are using and choose trends and colours for the collections.
Furthermore, we have a continuous correspondence with our suppliers to ensure that the final products turn out exactly as wonderful as we imagined.

What is your favourite from the new
collection and why?

I am crazy about the beautiful Irene print, that is a watercolour print which is something we have really focused on for this collection.
We had a wish for a hand painted print which was new and different than the other prints and looks we use. The Irene print was created from scratch, and every single flower was painted by hand and then adapted on the computer.

The print really sets the atmosphere for the girls’ Spring/Summer22 collection with the soft look of summer wildflowers. The mind wanders to Scandinavian summertime in the countryside or at the beach, kids enjoying the simple life with sun, beach, and play.

My personal favourite is the Irene Dress. My 5-year-old girl is going to love its beautiful print and the comfort of it. She will be allowed to use it on weekends as well as to kindergarten, as she can easily wear it while playing.

Kasper, CMO

I am the Chief Marketing Officer at POMPdeLUX which means that I, in cooperation with colleagues in marketing and sales, decide in which direction we are going with branding and promotion of the new collection as well as with the brand in the long term.

What is your favourite from the new
collection and why?

I expect the summer to be long, sunny and lovely warm. I think our youngest son who is three years old would look wonderful and very summery in an outfit like the Enrico Lt Shorts paired with the Ludvig Lt T-Shirt. He is an energetic little kid and needs to wear something he can play in, and which can stand being washed over and over.

Another cool outfit for him could be the sand Bryan Lt Linen Shirt and matching shorts with the iconic cactus print. He could also wear a printed set like that for a summer party or another special occasion.