What is the most stressful part of your day with 4 children?

“I think everything can be beautiful and stressful at the same time. But it’s a challenge to care to all different needs the children have. All the different characters are not easy to handle every time – and often at the same time. It’s always a challenge, to have time with every child alone regularly.”

What is your favourite thing to do, together with your children, as a family?

“We love to be outside in the nature. To make a fire in the forest and eat together. Discover new places in the nature and see what grows and blooms. Build houses with branches, make adventures at the mini river.”

Do your children choose their clothes
themselves in morning?

“Ooh yes, they choose their clothes everyday by themselves – maybe even a few times a day, not only in the morning – and get dressed by themselves. For me, it’s important that they early on learn to get dressed themselves and above all that they be allowed to choose the clothes that they love to wear.”

What is important for you,
when buying clothes for your children?

“For me, it’s important that the clothes can live long – and is still nice when the 2nd or 3rd child wears it. Also, that my children can play and climb in trees with it; they shouldn’t only be beautiful to look at, but also beautiful to wear.”
“Our children aren’t very picky. But mostly I make a preselection and then they can choose what they love. I know very well, what they love and then most of the pieces match with the others in the closet. So they can choose the clothes in the morning themselves and can’t mix and match something very wrong, it looks good together most of the time.”

Why do your children wear
POMPdeLUX clothes?

“I like POMPdeLUX clothes, because they are stylish in both mom’s and children’s point of a view. The different materials are perfect to combine, and they fit our girls, regardless of bodytype, perfectly. And there are cool clothes for boys, which is not easy to find!”

“We also love basics; rib leggings, knit leggings, unisex shirts – and love to combine them with special clothes. Especially the knit cardigans, whether it’s over a dress or a shirt, it matches.”

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