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What is important to you and your daughters when it comes to clothes?

I pay special attention to the quality, style and price of the clothes. I think it is important that the clothes fit well, even when they are playing (outside), and I always consider whether I can combine new clothing with clothes that our daughters already have.

It's also important that our daughters like the clothes themselves. Our two oldest daughters are 7 and 9 years old, so they already know very well what they like or do not like. I always look at the catalogue with them, and then they can show me which clothes they like.

Our youngest daughters are 2 and 3 years old, so for them, I still decide it all myself, and I enjoy that for as long as possible.

How do you mix and match new clothes with older items?

I can now use a beautiful tulle skirt from winter again in spring with a top from the new collection. Actually, I have been mixing different collections for 4 years now. That's what I really like about POMPdeLUX.

The colours and style usually go well together, and yet the new collection is always surprising. I wonder where the designers get their creativity.


Do your daughters pass on clothes to each other when they outgrow something?

If one of the girls outgrows an item, it will of course pass on to the daughter who fits it. When I can no longer use the clothes for our daughters, I think about people in my area that would be happy with them.

The great thing about POMPdeLUX is that you can combine items from different collections in terms of colours and styles. In our local thrift shop, I have already scored some beautiful clothes from POMPdeLUX a number of times. I am always so happy about that, because I think sustainability is important.

How did you get to know POMPdeLUX and Home Shopping?

I got to know POMPdeLUX through a piece of clothing from our local thrift store. I was so excited about the quality and style, so I went to a Home Shopping event that one of my friends organized.
Now, I go to a Home Shopping event after every launch of a new collection.


Why do you like going to Home Shopping events?

I like that I can look at the clothes and see how they fit our daughters. In our village, Urk in the Netherlands, POMPdeLUX is quite popular and there are a lot of home parties.

A few weeks ago, I did my first own Home Shopping at my house. It was such a nice experience, which was made even better because my friends and neighbours came by. It really was a party.

Why do you think POMPdeLUX and Home Shopping events are so popular in Urk?

Urk is home to many children, and there are still relatively large families, so it’s very nice if clothes can be worn by several children. Many people like beautiful clothes, and at the same time it should also be practical to wear to school and to play in. But we also find it important that the clothing has a good quality/price ratio, and it is especially important that the clothing remains beautiful.

In Urk, most children go to church on Sundays, and when the children wear their Sunday’s best, you see a lot of POMPdeLUX. Wearing a dress or skirt is usually preferable, and POMPdeLUX offers a wide range of options.

Personally, I like to take extra time on Sundays to dress our daughters nicely and to braid their hair with the hair accessories from POMPdeLUX. We really make it a celebration on Sundays.