When Line and Martin had their daughter Gry, nine years ago, their former neighbour recommended them checking out POMPdeLUX kids’ clothes. Soon, Line had bought a big pile of body stockings on sale for her newborn, that Gry quickly outgrew, though. Later, their son, Gorm, who is now six years old, also wore them and today some of these body stockings still last and exist in the family. "We are the first ones in the family who had children, but these clothes have been passed on, and now the fourth child use the body stockings I bought nine years ago," Line tells us and continues: "and the crazy thing is that the buttons still work".


The excitement for POMPdeLUX is also still alive, and since then the little family who lives in the west of Denmark has shopped a couple of times a year. "I think I buy around ten items per season. We actually inherit a lot of clothes from others, and then it's just nice to have something new to combine it with now and then," Line says about her children's wardrobes.

When the family buys new children's clothing, both children and parents have some requirements. The kids themselves must like it and feel comfortable wearing it, and for the parents it's also important that the clothes can be used and washed countless times. “They should be able to jump on the trampoline and crawl around, and they should not be afraid of getting dirty. They are children!” says Line, who makes sure to ask her children for their opinion when choosing new clothes.


But instead of just buying new, Line also likes to use second-hand children's clothes from others, and that makes very good sense for her from a sustainability perspective: “Sustainable clothes for me are what you can pass on, and thus avoid overproduction of clothes. These are clothes that can be worn by several children - I mean, it can be used for nine years!" Line says.

Like many other parents and consumers, Line has a hard time finding her way around the jungle of children's clothing and sustainability. Therefore, she likes to stick to brands she knows and has good experience with, and where the price makes sense: “If a T-shirt is unreasonably cheap, how has it been produced, if it can be sold at that price? Then I think, that might not be the best working conditions, and what kind of materials are they made of".


So, Line still happily passes on bags full of clothes to the family, and not only the bodystockings mentioned above are well on in years. We asked which piece of POMPdeLUX clothing may be the oldest one in the family: "There is a certain grey fleece jacket in size 116, which is quite plush and has a gold stripe on the sleeves. It is inherited from the children of our former neighbour, and I have also passed it on - and it's still being used today," Line says. If clothes could speak, one can only imagine all the exciting trips, slide rides and treasure hunts that this fleece jacket could tell of from its long life.

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Many children have their own opinion about their clothes and won't wear just anything that their parents suggest - and nor do Gry and Gorm. We talked to Line and the kids about their preferred choice of clothing.

Gry, 9 years old:
- loves to wear jumpsuits because it feels like wearing pyjamas all day
- her favourite POMPdeLUX style at the moment is a blush Helena Jumpsuit from the Autumn/Winter20 collection
- looks for clothes on POMPdeLUX' website with her mom and goes for what she thinks looks nice
- her favourite colours for clothes are pink, blue and yellow

Gorm, 6 years old:
- loves shirts with a mandarin collar and a short button placket in the front
- his favourite POMPdeLUX style at the moment is the yellow Jaxon Shirt from the Spring/Summer21 collection, which he even wore on the last day of kindergarten
- chooses his clothes himself the night before with a little help from his parents