Corporate Social Responsibility

At POMPdeLUX we do everything possible to act in a socially responsible way, whether it concerns the environment, production conditions in the Far East or the conditions we have created at our office and warehouse in Denmark..

We want healthy work surroundings, satisfied customers, and happy employees and therefore, we are constantly trying to improve when it comes to the company's social responsibility. 


Our products are mainly produced in the Far East and we only deal with professional and conscientious suppliers. Since daily controls on the other side of the world are impossible, our co-operation with suppliers rests a great deal on demands, communication and mutual trust. 

Furthermore, the majority of our suppliers are either members of the European organization The Business Social Compliance Initiative or they do business based on the 10 principles of UN Global Compact, which deal with social responsibilities such as health and safety, fair salary, anti corruption, freedom of association, environmental responsibility and the abolition of child labour. 


Our COC (Code of Conduct) prohibits the use of PVC, phthalates, nickel, DMF and the 22 forbidden azo dyes in our productions. Furthermore, the use of chemicals and colouring agents must as a minimum comply with the European standards.