The Concept

When you buy kids clothes at POMPdeLUX you only need to shop one place to get a complete quality wardrobe for your children. Our clothes are high quality and fantastic design at a favourable price. They are inspired by the latest trends within adult fashion without forgetting they are to be worn by children. Our clothing is comfortable to wear, easy to wash and above all, your children will be very well dressed. 

Little boy/girl sizes 80-110 cm (1-5 years) 
At this age, children should be able to sit, crawl and take their first steps – and enjoy doing it. They need to be able to explore the world with comfort and flexibility. All styles are designed with just that in mind, and with great care taken to make dressing your child for a good day at the nursery, day care, playground or a festive occasion easy.

Boy/girl sizes 110-164 cm (5-14 years) 
Children in day care and school must have room for lots of play and development – and for exploring their identity and dressing for any occasion. To allow children to pick their own clothes and get dressed quickly and easily, these styles are designed practically and without being too complicated – yet remain gorgeous in their design.

We launch two collections per year; Our SPRING/SUMMER collection in the early spring and AUTUMN/WINTER collection in the late summer. 

Have a look at our Online shop where you can buy everything from nightwear to outerwear, daily wear and party wear – and where of course you will be introduced to our mix and match ideas.

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