Archive sale for girls

In our archive sale, we have collected a lot of fine styles from previous collections and set some favourable prices. We always strive to only produce our collections in the quantity we expect to be able to sell. What we end up not selling anyway, you can find here in our archive sale, where we collect all the lovely styles from previous collections.

Great outerwear at exclusive prices

Here you could be lucky to find outerwear, such as thermo wear and fleece jumpers from previous seasons, so that the children can be dressed warm at a really good price. Since all styles in the archive sale are surplus from previous collections, there are only a limited number and only in a few selected sizes, so you don't have to wait too long if you see something good.

Nice dresses from previous collections

Archive sale is a collection of several different seasons, so if you're looking for dresses, you can typically find everything from bright and light summer dresses to heavier and long-sleeved dresses. However, many of them can easily be used across seasons by combining with cardigans, blouses and the right accessories such as tights or hair accessories.