Stylish bottoms in seasonal colours

Planning your child’s outfit can be time consuming. Our ambition is to make dressing your child simple and easy. Our garments feature stylish designs that embrace the colour palette of the season. This makes it easy to mix and match all of our styles.

Our bottoms come in many shapes and sizes

For instance, you can effortlessly top a pair of our stylish jeans with a patterned T-shirt. Add one of our cardigans that are both practical and boast the coolest details. You can style trousers and shorts in multiple ways. For girls, you can combine a pair of shorts with a pair of tights or leggings. It’s not only trendy, it also helps you to make the most of your child’s entire wardrobe, regardless of the season.

Bottoms for all occasions

Our mission is to create a collection of bottoms that makes it easy and simple to combine different pieces in your child’s wardrobe. From an early age, children often have a sense of which clothes they want to wear. Together you can explore your child’s wardrobe and pick the most suitable outfit, whether your child is heading to school or you’re on your way to a birthday party. Ultimately, it’s all about the child feeling happy and comfortable in their clothes.