Boy Swimwear

POMPdeLUX swimwear for boys
Do you have a child who takes to water like a duck? At POMPdeLUX, we sell the most gorgeous swimsuits for boys, which both protect against the sun's rays and water splashes. Kids love to swim, and with our swimsuits, you can let your child splash away safely. What is more summery than swimming in the sea or in the bathing pool at home in the garden? 

Whether you are looking for a new swimsuit for your boy or a UV set, you will find it here. Our swimwear is made in the smart, modern design which is the hallmark of all our children’s clothing. Find a pair of swimming trunks in a fresh colour for your water-loving boy, or dress your little toddler in a UV set, so you can relax and enjoy the sun.

Smart swimwear for fresh boys
If your boy has outgrown his swimming trunks, you can find a few a new pair for him here. We sell everything from short-legged tights to long swimming trunks. All our swimsuits are made in fresh, summery colours that go well with tanned skin. If your boy gets sunburned easily, he might also enjoy a bathing T-shirt, so his skin is not exposed to the sun all day.

Protect your child from the sun
Our UV sets for children are designed to protect your child. While the sun's rays are beautiful, they are also harmful to your child's delicate skin. With a UV set, your child is well protected – and you do not have to cover your child’s body in sunscreen over and over again. Instead, cover your child in the places where the UV set does not, and let the child play with water to his heart’s delight.