Boy Leggings

POMPdeLUX leggings for boys

Leggings are indispensable for the younger child. When your child begins to crawl, you no longer know where you have it. One moment it is by your legs, the next it is on its way into the hallway. With a pair of POMPdeLUX leggings, you are sure that your boy can stay warm on the cold floor.
The tight fit of the leggings means they do not crawl up the child's legs and the comfortable drawstring ensures room for even the fullest of bellies. POMPdeLUX leggings for boys come in both cotton and wool, and you can choose between different colours and nice prints. 

Woollen leggings for boys

POMPdeLUX leggings come in the finest merino wool. Here, you are certain that nothing is itchy, and that your child is neither too cold nor too hot. The amazing properties of the merino wool help ensure a stable body temperature for your child - even under the covers.
The soft merino wool feels like silk against your child's skin, and you will love to get in touch with it as well. 

Leggings for all purposes

A pair of leggings for boys can be used in all everyday situations. Put them on your boy before he goes crawling on the floor, or for the night or a nap in the pram. POMPdeLUX leggings are all made in a modern design that both invites play and is pleasing to the eye.

If you choose a pair of our cotton leggings for boys with sewn-on wooden buttons, your boy gets a modern, playful look.