Two Piece Set

POMPdeLUX two-piece sets for boys
Dress your child smartly on weekdays and for festive occasions with a two-piece set for boys from POMPdeLUX. The set comes in two different colours, allowing you to pick your favourite for your boy. A two-piece set consists of a smart short-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of light, airy shorts. Airing the arms and legs and being lightly dressed on hot days is great for the little ones.

The set is perfect for a day with warm temperatures, where the weather invites you to play in the garden with splashing water or a shovel and excavator in the sandbox. The two-piece set protects your child's skin from the sun's rays in the most vulnerable places, but also provides air and lots of freedom of movement. No bare shoulders or thighs, but plenty of air under the wings.

Two-piece set for boys packed with fine details

Both T-shirt and shorts are equipped with fine details that make the smart design even more complete. The T-shirt has a smart, modern print and a small turn-up on each sleeve. At the shoulders, there is a hidden button closure. It makes it easier to get the jersey over your child's head, and if your child is sweating, you can open it to let more air reach the body.

Comfortable clothing that is not too tight
POMPdeLUX two-piece sets for boys are made in a comfortable material that feels soft and comfortable for your child. The shorts have elastic and drawstring at the waist, ensuring that the little belly is not squeezed. Not even if it is bloated.

With the handy drawstring, you can easily tighten the trousers - who knows, the younger brother might put on his big brother’s oversized shorts one day.