Boy Outerwear


Children need to be outdoors in all kinds of weather. They should explore nature and burn a lot of energy. In our boys’ outerwear range you’ll find everything you need in outerwear for your child. At POMPdeLUX we offer a wide range of versatile softshell jackets, shell pants and other functional outerwear. All of our outerwear is characterised by fashionable design, great quality and loads of functional details. 

Durable outerwear designed to last

Our outerwear is based on the concept that it should be capable of being worn over and over again. Outdoor play in all kinds of weather demands a great deal from your child’s outerwear. Small children will sit down on various wet surfaces or the cold ground, while the older child rarely sits still, but instead climbs trees and frolics in the mud.
POMPdeLUX outerwear is extremely durable and features taped seams to keep all water out. Even if your child falls into a puddle or sits in a wet sandbox. 

Details: the icing on the cake

A rain suit without foot straps or a hanging strap can make life miserable for every child - and every mother. Even small details are essential to you and your child being happy with the new outerwear. It should be easy to hang clothes up and easy to prevent getting socks and trousers wet.
POMPdeLUX outerwear for boys is packed with functional details that make everyday life easier. We’ve thought of everything, whether it is reflective details or adjustable suspenders for your child’s shell pants.