Boy Fleece

POMPdeLUX fleece for boys

With a fleece from POMPdeLUX, you are sure that your boy can stay warm. Even on the coldest of days. Wear the fleece like a warm sweatshirt under the jacket, or let your boy wear it as a jacket on a cool summer evening. Fleece is a gorgeous and soft material. Once your boy gets on his new fleece, he will not take it off without protest.
Our fleeces for boys are made in a smart design with a boyish print in different colours. It comes with a hood, which adds an even smarter and more boyish expression. Boys are looking for adventure - and their adventure will not be inhibited by being dressed in a nice warm fleece.

Fleeces for boys with smart zip

The fleece is easy to pull over the child’s head, but should it still be a bit tricky, your boy can easily unzip it by the neck. That will keep things nice and easy. The smart fleece has several great features that not only create a great look but also enhance comfort.
The hood is lined with soft jersey lining, and there is a soft and elastic rounding at both the wrists and the edge of the hood. Thanks to the elastic edges, your boy avoids troublesome edges that scratch or are too tight. 

Pockets for rocks and other exciting finds

The POMPdeLUX fleece has two spacious front pockets that can be used for warming the hands or to fill with rocks or other exciting finds. The fleece mostly resembles a smart hoodie - but is much more gorgeous and soft in the wonderful fleece material.