Functional Outerwear

Boy Functional Outerwear

POMPdeLUX’ functional outerwear for boys

Every time the season changes, you need new outerwear for your child. At POMPdeLUX, we have functional outerwear for boys and girls of all ages. Protect your child from rain and wind with our gorgeous shell trousers and shell jackets. Whether your boy prefers shell trousers with or without suspenders, you will find a large selection in different colours on this page.
Soft shell is ideal for those windy periods, where you can never really know when there will be a small rainshower. POMPdeLUX softshell for boys include everything from jackets and trousers to playsuits. Common to them all is that they are water resistant and keep the wind from the body. Take a look at our wide range of functional outerwear for boys here. 

Functional outerwear for boys - easy to get on and off

Outerwear should be easy to get on and off. Otherwise, getting out the door becomes a nuisance to your child. That is precisely why we equipped our shell trousers with a zip at the legs. This makes it easy to get the trousers over your boy's shoes or boots.
All of our shell trousers and softshell trousers have elastic waists and are equipped with an adjustable waist. Outerwear for children should not just be easy to get on, but also comfortable to wear - even during hours of outdoor play. 

Details that make everyday life easier

All our functional outerwear for boys comes equipped with a strap for hanging, making it easier for your child to help keep order in the wardrobe. When you dress your boy in POMPdeLUX outerwear, you do not have to worry about reflectors to make your child visible in traffic. We have taken care of that.