Boy Jackets

POMPdeLUX jackets for boys

Renew your child's wardrobe with a gorgeous reversible POMPdeLUX jacket for boys. You get a quilted jacket that neither you or your child will ever get tired of. If you get bored with the jacket’s colour, simply turn it inside out. Then you have a brand new jacket. The same applies if there the jacket is stained and you are nowhere near a washing machine.
Choose from different colours and shades. All styles give your boy a fresh and modern look to fit any occasion. Wear the jacket over a pair of jeans for everyday use or festive occasions, or with a pair of smart shorts when the weather allows.

Warm jackets for boys

A light jacket is indispensable in your child's wardrobe. POMPdeLUX jackets for boys can be used on chilly summer days or as an overshirt on the way to or from day care or school. The jacket comes with soft elastic at the wrists and neck to ensure that the jacket fits well and is not too tight or pinchy.

Quilt is the new black

Quilted jackets are ultramodern - both for children and for adults. The soft, lightweight quilt is comfortable to wear and makes the jacket suitable for many different purposes. Whether your child is going biking or into the back seat of your car, the quilted POMPdeLUX jacket for boys is great to wear.
The freedom of movement is optimal, and the light material allows the skin to breathe if a sweat is broken. The jacket is easy to take off - even on the move - thanks to the practical front zip on the jacket.