Boy Softshell

POMPdeLUX softshell for boys

A softshell jacket for your boy is indispensable during that cold, windy time of year. Not only does it keep the wind out, it can easily handle a light rain shower. If you want to dress your boy for lots of play in the open, you can never go wrong with a POMPdeLUX softshell set. Not only is it practical and functional, it is also made in a modern, stylish design.
Our soft shell for boys is made in different colours and available for both older and younger children. Common to them all is that they have a wonderful boyish expression, and that they have a number of functional details.

Softshell boys - trousers and jackets

POMPdeLUX makes both soft shell jackets and trousers for boys. If you dress your boy in both, he can do a little bit of everything when going out during recess at school or on the playground in day care. Our soft shell trousers are reinforced on both knees and bottom, ensuring that the cold ground does not feel cold to your child - and making the trousers impossible to wear out.
Our soft shell jackets are equipped with spacious pockets. If you have a boy who loves collecting rocks or other things from nature, there is ample opportunity to bring some exciting new finds home for the collection. 

Reflectors that make your child visible

All POMPdeLUX softshell for boys is equipped with reflectors - both front and back. We do not want to risk your child not being visible in traffic, which is why we equipped the majority of our softshell with a smart reflector print that gives your child maximum visibility.