Boy Thermowear

POMPdeLUX thermal wear for boys

The changing of the seasons can bring cold, damp days, so it’s important to be well prepared for all kinds of weather. Thermal wear is ideal for keeping your child warm on chilly days, and is an indispensable part of the wardrobe.
Parents with children in daycare know that thermal wear is among the most used outerwear in an active life. Thermal wear is the perfect choice for days when your child is on a school outing, spending time at the playground or just for sitting and crawling around in the sandbox, which can be cold and wet.

Extra reinforcement on knees and seat for boys who love to play outside

Thermal wear is made of a thin material with a smooth surface. At POMPdeLUX we know that children can quickly wear out their clothes, so our thermal trousers are equipped with extra reinforcement on both knees and seat.

Thermal wear for boys who need to get out the door fast

Another popular feature of our POMPdeLUX thermal wear is that the material is relatively lightweight, which makes dressing and undressing easier for even the youngest child. Thermal wear is ideal for transition periods and can be combined with our shell outerwear, so your child is protected from both the cold and the rain.