Boy Sportswear

Get dressed for sports with POMPdeLUX

Exercise and movement is good for the whole family, adults and children alike. Children in particular need to get regular movement and play into their everyday lives. It’s all about creating good routines around exercise, for younger and older children alike. And this is relatively simple to do. Younger children benefit from play that challenges their motor skills or sense of rhythm. An older child will often naturally be attracted to various leisure pursuits that appeal to their age group. If it’s difficult to get your child outside, you can easily make exercise and movement part of your family time. A swim in the pool or a game of football in the garden can be a good start.  
But no matter the sport or activity, it’s important to be properly dressed for it. With the right sportswear you help your child get the best possible foundation for playing sports. Freedom of movement is in focus and comfort is an important priority in the design. The clothes are suitable for a variety of purposes and can be worn both indoors and outdoors. 

Sportswear for activity and relaxation

Sports clothes shouldn’t only make an appearance when your child does sports. After a long football match or workout, there should also be time to relax. The comfort built into POMPdeLUX clothes gives them multiple applications. So you can easily let your child relax in sportswear after school. The laid-back feel is perfect for a Friday or Saturday night when your family is enjoying a good board game or a movie. The advantage of having a nice, comfortable set of sportswear for your child is that you can be sure they are always well dressed.   
The different styles ensure that you always have a style that matches your child’s needs and age.