Boy Basics

POMPdeLUX basic sweatshirts for boys

Basic sweatshirts are a must in any boy's wardrobe – and the more, the better. Gorgeous sweatshirts that your boy can use for any outfit and which match everything from jeans to shorts and sweat pants. The younger child is a heavy user of body stockings, and the older child ensures that your laundry room will be kept busy with the many sweatshirts needing to be washed. 
At POMPdeLUX, we offer a wide range of body stockings and basic sweatshirts for boys. All produced in a beautiful soft material that will make the angels sing, and keep its shape – even after being washed. Go for a simple and stylish look with solid-coloured basic sweatshirts for your boy's wardrobe, or choose from the many striped varieties for a slightly more edgy look.

Basic sweatshirts for active boys

Most boys are full throttle, and watching them run around the garden after a ball or throw mud at each other is a pleasure. Only, not always to the one on laundry duty. 
Active boys rarely come home with clean clothes, and you should never be short on clothing like sweatshirts and trousers for your boys. If you want to avoid having to start a wash every day, there should be a lasting supply in the wardrobe.

Clothes that withstand washing

POMPdeLUX clothes are made to be used. Our basic sweatshirts for boys can withstand being washed over and over again – without losing their fit or going stiff. Let your boy go wild and enjoy the fact that the washing machine was invented.