Boy Cardigans

POMPdeLUX cardigans for boys
Dress your child snugly and smartly with a gorgeous POMPdeLUX cardigan for boys. A cardigan is easy to wear over a T-shirt or a sweater for a little extra warmth, and it adds a nice and modern look. Both for the younger and the older child. 

Do you love knits, or are you more into cotton? At POMPdeLUX, you can get a cardigan for your boy in a soft knit or as a gorgeous cotton sweater. We have several colours and models to choose from, and you are guaranteed to find a cardigan which matches the clothes in your boy's wardrobe.

Snug knitted cardigans for boys
Our knitted cardigans are made from the finest materials, which gives your boy a lot of comfort. Getting dressed has to be nice for your child, and the clothes should feel as natural as possible so that your child does not think about the fact that they are wearing them. Our knitted cardigans for boys will feel naturally soft against your child's skin – without scratching or being too tight. 

A cardigan is practical to bring on the go, so you can always put another sweater on your boy if the air is cool, or if he needs a little more warmth.

Smart design and fine details
POMPdeLUX clothing is characterised by a stylish and modern design, and our cardigans for boys are no exception. Find your favourite in our range and give your boy a smart cardigan to wear over his T-shirt or sweater. Whether he is wearing pants, a coverall or shorts is irrelevant. A cardigan matches everything and can add a chic and modern look to any outfit.