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POMPdeLUX jumpers for boys

A jumper is a thin, long-sleeved knitted shirt, perfect to wear over a shirt or a T-shirt if you need that bit of extra warmth. If your boy has outgrown most of the sweaters in his wardrobe, at POMPdeLUX we offer a large selection of gorgeous jumpers for boys. We have jumpers for both young and older children. 
All our jumpers for boys are gorgeous to wear, thanks to the comfortable, soft material. They are not just pleasing to the eye, but also a pleasure to wear. Choose the colour and the model you like best and watch your boy enjoying his POMPdeLUX jumper again and again. 

Jumpers for boys – with fine details

Our clothes are rich in clever details that increase the clothes' functionality, but also offer a modern expression. Our selection of jumpers is no exception. If your child likes little pockets in their clothes, you can go for a jumper with either a breast pocket or side-pockets. If you have a handy boy, you can choose a jumper with buttons that can keep little fingers busy for hours.

Dress your boy smartly

A jumper is not just great for giving your child a little extra warmth. It also gives your boy a smart look. It looks good when worn over a shirt or as an extra layer over a T-shirt. With a jumper from POMPdeLUX, it is easy to dress your boy festively and smartly – both for everyday life and festive occasions.