Boy Vests

POMPdeLUX vests for boys

A vest adds warmth to your boy's upper body and gives him a cool look. A vest is perfect to add a long sleeved T-shirt or shirt on a chilly day, and it gives your boy room for movement in the schoolyard or in kindergarten.
At POMPdeLUX, we love vests. Treat your boy to a nice POMPdeLUX vest, that might will become his favorite choice when he gets dressed in the morning. The vest will both give him a fashionable outfit, while adding extra warmth and keeping the cold out.

Help your child stay warm

Especially during fall, it can be difficult to figure out what clothes your boy should wear in the morning. A long-sleeved T-shirt or shirt with a warm vest is a great choice. The vest keeps your boy warm without him becoming too hot, since it provides plenty of air for his arms.

Vests for boys provide room for movement

A POMPdeLUX vest for boys has a nice fit, and it ensures that your boy will not be too hot. Wearing a vest, your boy moves freely, and there is nothing in the way during playtime or jumping on a trampoline. Your boy will love the feeling of free movement in a vest, all the while you can enjoy the fashionable look that a vest creates.