Underwear and nightwear

Boy Underwear and nightwear


Your child’s wardrobe can’t have enough underwear and nightwear, and the more the merrier. With cosy underwear and nightwear from POMPdeLUX, you can dress your child with style from the inside out. All of our bodysuits and underwear sets are made from super-soft material that will feel comfortable against your child’s skin, and the soft elastic at the waist of our pyjama pants and boxer shorts eliminates tightness or chafing.

Send your child to dreamland in style

Bedtime is a daily routine that your child connects with a warm, cosy feeling. But this cosy feeling can be easily disrupted by pyjama pants or underwear that are tight and uncomfortable. We’ve all been there - and it can really interfere with a good night’s sleep.
That’s why we’ve equipped our pyjama pants and underwear with soft elastic at the waist that provides plenty of room for little bellies. And the clever design means that your child’s bedtime can be fashionable, too. Because who says little boys can’t look good in dreamland?  

Stylish bodysuits for babies/young children

Bodysuits are a wardrobe essential for every family with young children, with more than one ending up in the wash each day. POMPdeLUX bodysuits are made from soft, comfortable materials and in smart designs. In fact, they’re so stylish that it would be a shame to cover them with a jumper or shirt. Team them with nice trousers so your child is well-dressed for everyday and special occasions.
POMPdeLUX bodysuits aren’t just comfy and look good - thanks to the practical snap fasteners at the shoulder and bottom, you can get your child dressed and undressed in a flash.