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POMPdeLUX hair accessories for girls

Does your girl love to dress up? Then treat her to beautiful accessories for her hair. Here, you will find a good selection of hair accessories for girls covering everything your girl needs to make her hair play along with the rest of her outfit.
We have collected a full set of hair accessories, so you and your daughter always have just what you need. The set includes both large and small elastic hairbands, hair clips and headbands. That leaves something for every occasion and mood.

Practical hair accessories for girls with cute details

Do you prefer to give your daughter hair accessories with cute dots or in rose hues? Regardless, it is entirely up to you. The sets of hair accessories consist of two different colours, leaving something to choose from when matching the accessories to the dress or blouse.
Not only do hair accessories look beautiful on your girl, they are also practical in many situations. Younger girls crawling around on the floor, or bigger girls running around, can easily get hair in their faces. And that is inconvenient. With a hair clip or headband, the hair is kept away from the face when she draws or is active in other ways.

Apply the finishing touch

You probably know it from yourself: The little details make all the difference. A ring, a necklace or hair accessories just adds that famous finishing touch to the look.
Whether your girl is wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt with a pair of denim trousers, or a skirt or dress, the hair accessories will add that extra something. And, depending on the rest of her outfit, create a very specific look.