Girl Hats

POMPdeLUX hats for girls
Hats have seen a brand new revival when it comes to completing a girl look. If your daughter loves to dress up and look nice, a hat is just the thing. With the hat, you not only give your daughter a bit of edge, it is also really handy. Who doesn’t need a hat when the hair won’t do as you want it to?

At POMPdeLUX, we have a selection of hats for the younger and the older girl, and you can go exploring and find your daughter's favourite colour.

Cute hats for girls with details

Clothes and accessories from POMPdeLUX all have smart designs and fine details. The same applies to our hats for girls. Common to the hats on our site is that they are all in fine girlish colours and styles that can go with any outfit. You see, POMPdeLUX clothing and accessories must be easy to use in everyday life.

The cute dots and the little bow on the hats are details that add a nice twist to the hat - and by adding a hat to your daughter's wardrobe, you can always give any of her outfits a sweet twist.

Protect your girl against the sun
Kids love being outside in all kinds of weather - whether it's snow or sunshine. But when the sun starts to come out from behind the dark winter clouds, it is important to protect your daughter against the harsh rays of the sun.

With a hat for your daughter, you not only give her a sweet and modern look - you can also protect her from the rays of the sun at the same time. That way, hats for girls are both stylish and functional.