Girl Socks

POMPdeLUX socks for girls

Socks are indispensable in the perfect girls’ wardrobe. They are practical because they keep the feet warm. But they should not just retain heat, they also need to be comfortable to wear, ensuring that they are not too tight.
At POMPdeLUX, you can pick out great socks for both older and younger girls. All in a nice and soft material that feels great on the bare toes. Choose your daughter's favourite colour from our broad palette of colours - and be sure to buy plenty. Socks do tend to get dirty during play, you know. 

Socks for girls in all varieties and colours

Need an ankle sock for your girl when, during the hotter months, she keeps her legs bare and wears a pair of sneakers? You'll find it right here. You can also get kneesocks that give lovely warmth far up the leg during the colder months. In short, you can choose from all kinds of socks for girls.
The lovely soft quality applies whether you choose an ankle sock, a kneesock or a sock of the regular variety. Our selection of socks encompasses a broad range of colours, and you can choose both the classic colours like black, white and grey, while you also have the opportunity to give your daughter socks in cute girlish colours.

Socks are an important part of the look

In addition to being soft and comfortable to wear, POMPdeLUX socks for girls also have a fine and simple design with cute little details. To us, socks are an important part of a girl’s look.
Treat your daughter to a pair of socks with a discreet glitter thread forming a fine pattern along the socks. What girl doesn’t love glitter?