Girl Basics

POMPdeLUX basic clothing for girls

Having the right basic items for your child is key to a functioning wardrobe which is not just great to look at, but also practical in life as a busy parent. On this page you will find everything you need in basic items for girls in many different sizes and age groups.
Whether you need the right practical and well-fitting leggings for your little girl, able to withstand crawling on the floor or climbing in trees, you will find a gorgeous selection here. All our leggings are equipped with practical elastic bands at the waist, ensuring that they stay in place while being comfortable for your child to wear. 

Basic clothing for girls in beautiful qualities

Here at POMPdeLUX, we believe in the importance of dressing your child in gorgeous qualities and materials. You see, girls’ basic clothing must not only be great to look at, it should also be comfortable for your child to wear. The right fabrics ensure room for movement, and that the skin does not get irritated during a long day of play and exercise. Therefore, you will find that all our leggings are in wonderful, soft and elastic qualities. 

Make life easier for you and your child with gorgeous leggings

As the parent of a toddler, you probably already know how important leggings are. They can be worn under dresses and shorts or just as they are. They ensure that your child can keep warm while being easy to style and mix & match with the rest of the wardrobe. Leggings are something you should never want for, and they are an absolutely essential part of a functioning wardrobe for your child.