Girl Dresses

POMPdeLUX dresses for girls

Do you have a girl at home who loves to wear dresses? Dresses are not just for the warm months. With a pair of warm leggings or tights underneath, they are also perfect for the cold season. Treat your girl to a new dress for her wardrobe - or several, if you have a hard time choosing just one favourite.
On this page, you will find all kinds of dresses for girls. Common to them all is their smart design and good quality and fit. You see, not only does your girl deserve to be well-dressed - she also deserves to wear the clothes that are the most comfortable to wear.

POMPdeLUX dresses for active girls

Not all girls love to sit still and sketch all day. If you have an active girl who loves football and playing on the playground, that is no reason not to buy her a smart dress. POMPdeLUX clothes are designed to be used. Thanks to our high quality materials, you should not be afraid to wash the clothes again and again - and we know all about having the washing machine spinning round the clock with kids in the house. 

Make getting dressed a breeze

Whether you have a little toddler or a headstrong teenager at home, getting your daughter to get dressed when you ask her to can be a challenge. Sometimes, you probably think things should go a little faster than your daughter thinks.
With a string of dresses which your daughter likes in the closet, things might be a little easier. For what girl would not want to wear a smart dress with fine details and great freedom of movement? Let your daughter pick her favourite clothes from her wardrobe - she may very well go for one of the dresses here.