Girl Fleece

POMPdeLUX fleece for girls

Who couldn’t use a nice warm fleece on a chilly day? Fleece is a warm and soft material which is extremely comfortable to wear. If your daughter needs a warm sweater in her wardrobe, we have a large selection of gorgeous fleeces for girls at POMPdeLUX.
Our fleeces are available in different colours, leaving room for that important matter of taste. Whether your girl loves traditional girls’ colours or prefer neutral tones, you can find a fleece to match her taste on this page. 

Smart and warm fleece for girls

POMPdeLUX fleeces are not only warm and comfortable to wear. They also have a modern and girlish look. We did not hold back on the details - as they help complete the smart look, POMPdeLUX is known for.
Crinkle details and gold zips are just a few examples of what we like to play with to make our fleeces girlish and modern. Because why should a gorgeous warm fleece not be smart and modern? 

Fleeces which your daughter will love

Thanks to the gorgeous material that we used for our fleeces, your daughter will love to wear the sweater. Getting her to put it in the laundry basket will be no easy feat - unless you can have it ready for use again quickly.
Let your daughter use her new fleece as an open overshirt or light jacket, or zip it and create a different look. The uses are many, and the fleece is long-lasting, so it will last for the whole girl era.