Girl Jackets

POMPdeLUX jackets for girls

With any wardrobe goes a jacket fitting of the season. At POMPdeLUX, we have a large selection of jackets for girls. Like all our other outerwear, jackets are made in a stylish design, but also designed with a focus on nice details and functionality. If your daughter needs a smart jacket comfortable enough for her to wear it all the time, then take a look at our assortment.
Sweat jackets, denim jackets, reversible jackets - we have them all at POMPdeLUX. If your daughter likes plenty of zest and colour, choose a design to match that style, and if she is into a more toned-down style with neutral colours, you can also find a jacket to fit that look. You can find a little bit of everything on this page, and if you are unsure about which colour to pick, consider a reversible jacket with two options. 

Functional jackets for girls

Smart press studs, wonderful side pockets and reversible design are just a few of the details that you can find on our jackets for girls. POMPdeLUX outerwear is packed with great features that make the new jacket both fun and comfortable for your girl to wear. For us, it is not just important that your child looks smart wearing the clothes. It has to be nice to wear. 

Choose a colour to match the mood with reversible design

Unsure about what colour jacket you should buy for your daughter? Then don’t decide just yet. Choose one of our jackets with reversible design. Then your daughter can choose the colour which best fits her
mood, and she will feel that she has two different jackets to choose from.