Girl Snowsuits

POMPdeLUX snowsuits for girls

There is no getting around the gorgeous, warm snowsuit when we face the colder days. Treat your girl with a POMPdeLUX snowsuit, which is not only beautiful to look at, but also a pleasure to wear.
On this site, you will find a large selection of snowsuits for girls, and if you have more than one favourite, remember that it might be advantageous to keep an additional snowsuit for the days when your child goes swimming in mud or jumping in puddles all day long. 

Snowsuits for all kinds of weather

There is no bad weather – only bad clothing. Our snowsuits offer excellent proof of that. With a POMPdeLUX snowsuit, you can send your child out in all weathers, and whether it rains or blows, your girl will be well protected in her practical outfit. While it is certainly practical, no compromises have been made when it comes to fashionable design.

Functional snowsuit for girls

The many functional details which characterise our outerwear make it easier for both mother and child to make the snowsuit fit perfectly. The straps under the feet ensure that the snowsuit stays in place, so your girl does not return inside with wet trousers or socks.

The many reflective accents make your child visible in traffic, and the removable hood makes it your choice whether to bring the hood along, or leave it at home in the wardrobe. The straps in the snowsuit make it easy to teach your girl to help keep order in the wardrobe, and the roomy pockets provide plenty of room for rocks and other exciting finds in nature.