Girl Softshell

POMPdeLUX softshell for girls

Are you looking for a functional and stylish softshell for your girl? At POMPdeLUX we have a number of wonderful softshell jackets and softshell suits for girls. Our softshell keeps even the coldest wind away from your child's body, and if some light rain falls, the water-repellent material can handle that. Packed with smart reflex details, your child will be visible in the dark, and with the practical zipper features, our softshell is rich in spacious pockets and nice details. The practical for little girls ensure plenty of room for movement, and it does not separate in the middle.

Softshell for girls who love to play outside

Nature is beautiful, and especially the little ones love to explore it. If you dress them in a practical POMPdeLUX softshell jacket or All-in-One, you can let your girl play outside all day. Don't be surprised if your girl comes home with small stones in her pockets, or with a giant, heavy stick that she has carried home from the forest.

Outerwear with many features

Only with the right outerwear, your child can go out to play and experience the joy of staying in nature. What outerwear you need depends on the season. Softshell is applicable most of the year. Use it over a warm knit sweater when it is cold, or use it as a light jacket when a cool breeze blows on a summer's evening.