Girl Softshell

POMPdeLUX softshell for girls

Are you looking for a functional and smart softshell for your girl? At POMPdeLUX, we have a number of ideas for softshell jackets and trousers for girls. Practical softshell playsuits for little girls which do not part in the middle are also available from our assortment.
Our softshell keeps out even the coldest of winds from your child's body, and if there is a light shower, the water-repellent material can handle that as well. Packed with smart reflex details that ensure that your child is not overlooked in traffic, and with practical zip functions, our softshell is rich on roomy pockets and nice details. 

Softshell for girls who love to play outside

Nature is beautiful to all of us, but the little ones particularly love to explore it. If you dress them in a practical POMPdeLUX softshell jacket and trousers, there are hours of play to be had outside. Don’t be surprised if your girl gets home with piles of stones in the pockets, or carrying a huge, heavy stick she lugged home from the woods.

Outerwear with many applications

Without outerwear, your child cannot come out to play and experience the joys of staying in nature. Which outerwear you need depends on the season. Softshell is usable year round. Wear it over a warm sweater in cold weather, or as an overshirt or light jacket when a cool breeze blows on a summer evening.

If you have small children, a softshell playsuit is practical. It is easy for the little ones to put on, and you will not have to worry about the little belly peeping out when the jacket suddenly parts from the trousers.