Girl Thermowear

POMPdeLUX thermal wear for girls

If your girl is outdoors when cold temperatures are in the forecast, then thermal wear should have a permanent place in her wardrobe. At POMPdeLUX we have the most amazing thermal wear for girls, designed with lovely details and in beautiful POMPdeLUX colours.POMPdeLUX thermal jackets make a good alternative if you’re looking for a transition jacket that will keep your child warm during chilly weather. Our thermal jackets are designed so you can pair them with thermal trousers, but you can also combine them with other outerwear, such as our shell outerwear. By combining our thermal wear with rainwear, your child will be perfectly covered during those cool transitional periods.

Insulated thermal jackets with comfortable fit

Our POMPdeLUX thermal jackets are made of a thin and lightweight material. So your girl can easily wear a thick sweater, such as a fleece, under a thermal jacket without it becoming too warm or affecting her movement. The lightweight nature of the thermal jacket makes it comfortable to wear and easy for even the smallest girl to dress herself.

POMPdeLUX thermal trousers for girls

Playing outdoors in beautiful nature or at the playground are important parts of the lives of young children. At POMPdeLUX we are focused on supporting children’s needs to have fun and be comfortable when outdoors – so our thermal clothing is practical and functional.
That’s why our thermal trousers are a safe choice for outdoor play and are designed with extra reinforcement on both the knees and seat. We recommend combining our thermal trousers with our POMPdeLUX shell trousers on colder days. That way, you ensure that your girl stays both warm and dry. 
Thermal trousers are perfect for outdoor play. They are produced in an incredibly lightweight and insulating material that makes them flexible and comfortable to wear.